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The modern family toothbrush

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At Soladey, we would like to be seen as the modern family toothbrush for all generations. Think about it. The ion5 works simply by putting it in your mouth. That means that a baby, child with a disability or an elderly family member can get a whole mouth clean by simply by putting it in their mouth and brushing very lightly. Your tree-hugging cousin on the West Coast is going to love it – no toothpaste, minimal disposal footprint and it is solar powered. Life should be so good.

Your world travelling twenty-something daughter can stuff it safely in her pack without you having to worry that she will suffer some bacterial infection due to bad water – because she doesn’t need any to water or toothpaste lost in airport security to brush her teeth with the Soladey.

The whole family in fact will use less toothpaste because you only need a little bit if you want some minty taste in your mouth. And best of all, your entire family will have longer term cost saving improvements to their overall oral health. We invite all races, creeds, colours, ages, and sexual orientations to try the one and only Soladey ionic toothbrush – for the modern family.

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