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Let there be light!

As sales for our Soladey brushes continue to pick up, we feel it is necessary to provide a bit more education on the product when it comes to light. As you know, our toothbrush has a solar panel. The solar panel is activated by light of any kind and it transmits that light energy via semiconductor to the titanium dioxide rod under the brush head. When water strikes the rod the combination of light and water create a negative ionic action that cleans your whole mouth.

Some of our buyers are wondering about low light or no light conditions. Does it impact the effectiveness of the brush? Does it prevent the brush from “storing” energy. The short answer is no. The brush has no storage capability like a battery does. It simply works when water and light combine. And it even works in total darkness if just water or saliva contact the titanium rod – albeit at a lower level.

On the other hand, if you use the brush in strong light situations there will definitely be more negative ions created. Though we have never definitively tested to see how much more or whether it makes a big difference in cleaning power. What we do know for sure is that average, everyday bathroom light will more than do the job.

Another quick note. Although the brush is powerful it has no vibrating or sonic capability. The ionic process is not visible nor does it cause anything to vibrate – especially the brush.

For more information on how to get the most from your Soladey toothbrush please read the PDF user guide available on our website at: https://youryuckymouth.com/ca/about/more-how-and-why/

And let there be light!

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